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If you’re thinking about transferring to UNC Greensboro, consider the following questions to make sure they’re the right fit for you:

Does UNC Greensboro offer your major?
What are the General Education Requirements?
What are the Transfer Admissions Requirements?
Have you reviewed UNC Greensboro's guide to transferring credits?
How will you pay for college?
Is UNC Greensboro the right fit for you?

Degree Plans for Community College Transfer Students
The link above will provide templates for College Transfer students earning an AA/AS degree who are interested in completing their bachelor’s degree at UNC Greensboro.

2Plus Programs
If you’re on track to complete an Associate of Applied Science (AAS), or an associate degree in Nursing (ADN), from a participating NC community college, you may be able to transfer via a 2-Plus program. These programs allow students to transfer to specific majors at UNCG with advanced standing.


If you have more questions, explore UNC Greensboro’s website.

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