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We understand that a student’s college experience is much more than just what programs he or she studies or courses he or she takes –– student life plays a big part in one’s education.

At Richmond Community College, we offer plenty of opportunities for our students to get involved on campus. Whether you’re interested in joining a club or student organization, or making new friends, we can provide you with opportunities to get the most out of your time at RichmondCC.

Get Involved in Your Community College

Student Government Association

Advisor: Chris Gardner,, (910) 410-1731

Student Government Association (SGA) was organized and chartered in 1967 and is responsible for governing students, assisting in the execution of institutional policies and maintaining an appropriate image of RCC in the community. Every student is a member of SGA and is welcome to get involved if he or she wants to be a part of any campus events and activities, or have a voice in college policies. Being a part of SGA is an educational experience and a great way to learn leadership and management skills. Scholarships are available for all officers.


Advisor: Brandi Miller,, (910) 410-1748

Student ambassador represent the college at different functions and help with recruiting efforts.  A scholarship is awarded to each ambassador.  The amount of the scholarship is dependent upon the number of hours worked and is paid eight (8) times during the academic year.  Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA, and complete a total of 24 credit hours by the end of their first semester as an Ambassador.  Applicants are self-nominated with the support of an RCC faculty or staff member.  For more information:

Business Club

Advisor: Kelley Beam,, (910) 410-1741

The purpose of the Business and Technologies Club is to create an environment that promotes the discovery of business both conceptually and practically in order to bridge the gap between education and real world applications. It provides a common gathering place for broad community interaction, for social and business meetings, additional teaching and reinforcing of business skills needed for students’ success both in the community and future business endeavors.

Campus Crusade for Christ

Advisor: Donna Tedder,, (910) 410-1850

Campus Crusade for Christ provides students with an opportunity to explore practical biblical issues relevant to college-aged students. Students and staff who have a desire to explore their personal spiritual development in a contemporary biblical worldview are encouraged to attend a meeting. Activities and events include, but are not limited to, video-based topical studies and group discussions.

Criminal Justice Club

Advisor: Tracey Etheridge,, (910) 410-1728

The Criminal Justice Club is primarily designed for students who are interested in a career in criminal justice. Past activities of the club include sponsoring field trips to prisons, police departments and law enforcement agencies; the engagement of on-campus speakers; and arranging for police demonstrations with drug/bomb-sniffing dogs and DUI driving simulations. Emphasis is on educating potential criminal justice professionals on the realities of the work and providing opportunities for exposure to others who share an enthusiasm for the field.

Future Leaders of Early Childhood (FLEC)

Advisor: Sheila Regan,, (910) 410-1931

The FLEC club is designed to encourage students in the curriculum to discover new ways to educate today’s children.


Advisor: Marcus X,, (910) 410-1846

The HVAC Club is comprised of students in the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology Program and the NCCER HVAC Levels 1 and 2 courses. Club members practice their craft to become better technicians by providing community service in an HVAC capacity. They also take part in other projects that serve the community.

Leadership and Mentoring Program (LAMP)

Advisor: Chris Gardner,, (910) 410-1731

The Leadership and Mentoring Program provides academic support, professional development, motivation and guidance to  students. The goal of LAMP is to increase academic performance, student satisfaction, retention rates and college graduation rates of students. Students who participate in LAMP have access to peer tutoring, college tours, personalized academic advising, financial literacy opportunities and other activities designed to help students improve their leadership and mentoring skills. Any Richmond Community College student can apply to be a member of the LAMP program. The application process involves completing an application, attending three meetings and signing the LAMP pledge. All interested students should contact advisor Christopher Gardner. 

Math Club

Advisor: Sebrina Cropper,, (910) 410-1750

The Math Club, a.k.a. “Code Zero,” is a club where students interested in all things mathematics can come together. Activities range from math related games and movies to sponsoring campus-wide math competitions and events. Any level of math proficiency is welcome.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Advisor: Elgin Emanuel,, (910) 410-1935

Phi Theta Kappa acknowledges students who work hard at keeping a high standard GPA. Students are invited to join based on their GPA. This club provides great honor and opportunities to establish a variety of scholarships.

RichmondCC Choir

Director: Dr. Kimberly Goard, 410-1745

The RichmondCC Chorus provides a fun, high-quality musical experience for novice and experienced singers. With regular weekly practice times and the chance to represent the college at various public events and concerts, the Chorus is a wonderful outlet for those who enjoy singing a mixture of many genres of music. It is a also great opportunity to forge new relationships in surprising ways since it is made up of students and instructors, often partners with other musicians, and is offered in a relatively informal setting.  

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