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RichmondCC Tuition


In an effort to make our classes and programs easily available to our communities and beyond, we offer affordable college tuition.

The cost to go to RichmondCC per semester is:

  • In-state tuition: $76/hour
  • Out-of-state tuition: $268/hour
  • Books & Supplies (approximate): $600

Fees to Attend RichmondCC

In addition to tuition, there are also some college fees that can be applied to a student’s costs.

  • Student Activity Fees: $23 for students taking less than 12 hours; $30 for students taking 12 or more hours
  • Technology Fee: $20 for college credit students
  • Continuing Education/Occupational Extension Course Registration: $70 for 0-24 hours, $125 for 25-50 hours, $180 for 50+ hours
  • CAPS Fee (Campus Access, Parking and Security): $10 per semester

Individual courses may have additional fees apply.

Where Do These Fees Go?

The Student Activity Fee can provide funding for the following services or activities for our students: Fall Fest, Spring Fling, graduation caps and gowns, graduation application, scholarship application, admission application, student clubs and organizations, field trips, employment placement services, counseling, college transcript upon graduation, student IDs, and other items or activities to support students as permitted by the State Board of Community College Code.

The Student Accident Insurance Fee provides secondary coverage for all enrolled students at RichmondCC should a student be injured in a documented accident or event while attending class or on the way to or from class.

The Technology Fee can provide funding for the following services for our students: WiFi, Office 365, computer labs, proctoring services, 200 copies per student per semester from campus printers, and other instructional technology products or services to support students as permitted by the State Board of Community College Code.

*Note: Richmond Community College has one of the lowest Student Activity Fees in the state of North Carolina.

Need Help Paying Our College Tuition?

If you need assistance paying for your courses at Richmond Community College, we offer helpful financial aid and scholarship resources for you to consider and apply for. If you have questions about tuition and fees, feel free to contact us online or call the Financial Aid Office at (910) 410-1726.

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