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At Richmond Community College, we do our best to offer all of our students the best education at a manageable cost –– and scholarships play a big part in achieving this. Through the fundraising of the RichmondCC Foundation, each year we are able to award more than 100 need- and merit-based scholarships, as well as offer countless programs and resources that are free to the public.

If you’ve been positively impacted as a student or community member by RichmondCC, we have plenty of opportunities for you to give back to our school by donating to the Foundation.

Picture of Dr. Hal ShulerDr. Hal Shuler
Associate Vice President of Development
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Ways to Give to the RichmondCC Foundation

Endowed Scholarships

By making a one-time gift of $15,000 or more, you offer a continual source of support to RichmondCC students. The Foundation invests this principal in a highly conservative portfolio and pays your scholarship each year from the earnings. We never touch the corpus, so your legacy can grow for years to come.

Annual Gift Scholarships

Many of our donors enjoy the freedom of supporting our students through yearly donations. Just like with an endowment, you can provide us with the scholarship name, amount and eligibility requirements. Then, we will make that gift available to a deserving student for as long as you make it available to us.


Maximize the deduction and minimize the details by simply writing the Foundation a check today –– we can work with you to generate an agreement on how the gift is to be used.


Donating long-term appreciated stock or other marketable securities enables you to afford a larger gift by avoiding taxes on capital gains. In addition, you receive an immediate deduction for full value.


As the simplest form of planned giving, a bequest ensures our future at RichmondCC. Name us in your will or living trust by designating a specific amount or a share of the residue. You control the assets during your lifetime, and the resulting donation is exempt from federal estate and capital gains taxes.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a great way to supplement retirement income as a simple gift contract that provides fixed lifetime payments to one or two people. You receive a deduction for the gift portion of the asset and remove taxable assets from your estate.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This is a trust that pays variable or fixed income to the donor and/or others for life or a term of years, in which you diversify your assets and defer (or avoid) capital gains tax. Then, the principal will ultimately become your named gift to us.

Charitable Lead Trust

After providing payments to us for a period of years, charitable lead trust assets ultimately pass to you or your heirs. You reduce gift and estate taxes on what you leave to your heirs, while also lowering income tax liability and retaining control of your assets.

Interested in giving to the RichmondCC Foundation but not sure how to start? Feel free to contact us. Your charitable donations allow us to positively impact the people and community around us!

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Lisa Harrelson
Accounting and Donor Relations Specialist
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