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As a current or former college student, you probably are already familiar with the college admissions process. However, every college is different, so please take the time to complete the simple steps we've laid out for you to transfer to Richmond Community College. We look forward to having you as a student at RichmondCC! 

Steps to Apply

1. Complete the Online Residency Application

Residency application
Student residency FAQs
• In-state tuition: $76/hour • Out-of-state tuition: $268/hour

2. Complete an Application Online

• If you have taken coursework at another college or university, please select “transfer” in the question regarding “Entrance Status”. • Identify all colleges or universities you have earned college level course credit in the application area “Other Colleges Attended”. Application for Admission

3. Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

• Complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Even if you think you do not qualify for federal financial aid, this step is required to complete and qualify for College scholarships. FAFSA
• Apply for Richmond Community College Scholarships Scholarships

4. Send in Your Transcript(s)

As a part of the application process, official high school transcripts must be sent directly to Richmond Community College. Please contact your high schoolschool to request a transcript. • In order to have previously earned credits considered for transfer to Richmond Community College, the Registrar must receive “official” transcripts from that college or university. Please see Transcript Evaluation FAQ for more information on transferring credit. Transcript Evaluation FAQ • A transcript evaluation occurs upon admittance to RichmondCC, official transcripts have been received, and the student has spoken with a Student Services Counselor.

5. Take the Placement Test

Schedule the placement test: Online by visiting: Admissions in Richmond County by calling (910) 410-1730 or in Scotland County by calling (910) 410-1831. The placement test assesses an applicant’s skill levels in math, reading and English to determine if he or she is prepared for college level courses or would benefit from developmental courses.

6. Consult with an Academic Counselor

Consult with one of our academic counselors at RichmondCC to discuss the result of your placement test. Stop by main campus in Hamlet or the Honeycutt Center in Laurinburg. If you are not able to stop by the campus, please call (910) 410-1730 for main campus or call (910) 410-1831 for Scotland County.

7. Check Your Email

Check your student email regularly for updates on your student status.

8. Schedule Your Classes

Once you’re accepted, schedule your classes during registration and pay tuition within the designated dates.

Developmental Studies

Students scoring below the official cutoff scores on the placement test will be assigned to the appropriate developmental course(s). These courses are designed to provide the student with the reading, writing, mathematics and keyboarding skills needed to enter a one- or two-year program at RichmondCC.

Because most curriculum courses have developmental prerequisites, the following restrictions apply:

  • Students will not be allowed to register for those curriculum courses until the prerequisite courses are passed.
  • Students required to take DRE 097 should postpone taking any curriculum courses until they progress to DRE 098.
  • Students required to take more than one developmental course should limit their enrollment in curriculum courses to those requiring the least reading, writing and computational competencies.

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