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Complaints Against Richmond Community College

If you feel you’ve been mistreated by Richmond Community College or any other college student or employee, we ask that you to go through our grievance procedure as outlined below:

Step 1

Submit a Student Complaint Form to the Vice President of Student Services containing a sufficiently detailed statement of all the circumstances or events of your grievance. If there are documents in existence that relate to the substance of the grievance or that would facilitate communication or understanding of the grievance, these should also be attached. The Student Complaint Form can be submitted to Sharon Goodman, Vice President of Student Services, by emailing it to or by mailing it to:

VP of Student Services
1042 W. Hamlet Ave.
Hamlet, NC 28345

Phone Number:  910-410-1734

*All complaints must be submitted in writing with all supporting documentation to the Vice President for Student Services within thirty days of the action, incident or conduct upon which the grievance is founded, occurred or was first brought to the individual’s attention.

Step 2

The VP of Student Services will quickly take action on the grievance in cooperation with the individuals within RCC and will submit a written report to the grievant within fifteen (15) calendar days. In the event that the action taken by the VP for Student Services is deemed unsatisfactory to the grievant, the grievant may submit in writing to the President a request for review of the action taken by the Vice President for Student Services.

*A written request for review must be received by the President within twenty (20) days after the date that the report of the Vice President for Student Services was mailed to the grievant. Along with the grievant’s written request for review, the grievant should submit to the President a copy of the written report received by the VP for Student Services, along with a copy of the original grievance, and related documents that the grievant submitted to the VP for Student Services.

Step 3

The President shall act within 30 calendar days to render a written decision on the grievance and a copy of this written decision will be mailed to the grievant. The decision of the President shall be final. All grievance matters are handled confidentially.

Protocol for Out-of-State College Complaints

All out-of-state students should follow Richmond Community College’s grievance procedure outlined above. New federal regulations require all colleges providing distance education courses to supply students with contact information for filing complaints with its accrediting agency and with the appropriate state agency for handling complaints in the student’s state. Students who wish to file a complaint within their home state should see the following list of individual state contact information.

State Student Complaint Policy

State Student Complaint Process

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