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RichmondCC: Student Counseling

We offer counseling and online counseling services at Richmond Community College to help students not only adjust to college but resolve personal issues and improve their lives as well.

Our counseling staff at RichmondCC is made up of professionals with a passion for helping students find resources to further their education, career and daily lives. In addition to our on-campus counselors in Laurinburg and Hamlet, our community offers information for those looking for counseling:

Online Counseling at Richmond Community College

If you’re taking online classes or living in another state, RichmondCC offers online counseling services to provide support, information and guidance to enhance your experience as a college student. We can also refer students to a professional, if their needs go beyond our scope of practice.

Confidential Student Counseling & FERPA

Information that is shared with RichmondCC counselors will be confidential and will not be shared with outside agencies, organizations or family members without your written consent. However, the requirement of confidentiality does not apply when disclosure is required to protect individuals or identified others from serious and foreseeable harm or when legal requirements demand that confidential information must be revealed. This process is consistent with the code of ethics established by the American Counseling Association.

The “Family and Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974″ (P.L.93-380, S513) signed by the President of the United States became law as of Nov. 9, 1974. The law speaks to requirements related to the privacy of student files and records. The only individuals or agencies authorized to see a student’s record, other than the student himself/herself, without the student’s written consent, are school officials with “legitimate” educational interests, officials of other schools in which the student “intends to enroll,” and certain government representatives. Records will be released to parents and outside agencies only with the written release of the student.

To request online counseling services, contact Director of Counseling Chris Gardner at (910) 410-1731 or to ask any questions about our community college counseling services. Feel free to also ask about our disability and tutoring services at Richmond Community College.

Student Referral Form

Counselors at RichmondCC have a genuine concern for the overall growth and development of our students and want to equip them to succeed academically. Students who have a specific need they need met in order to succeed should complete a Student Referral Form and submit it to the Student Services Office.

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