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What Can I Do With This Major

Trying to decide what major to pursue at RichmondCC? Looking for some general ideas about how our majors connect with career possibilities? This site will help answer many of your questions as well as give you strategies to be a top candidate in your field. Visit the "What Can I Do With This Major?" website to help you get started.

What Can I Do With This Major

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Success Needs A Plan

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Whether you are just starting to explore a career or you are contemplating a change, it’s important to choose a career that is a good fit. Career exploration is not the same as job searching. You are not just looking for a job but looking at a process of choosing education, training, and a career that is a good match for your interests, skills, and abilities.

Begin your career exploration journey by taking some self-assessments. No one knows you better than you. By first focusing on your unique talents and personal dreams, you can better establish a foundation upon which to build a career path structure.

The Career and Transfer Advising Center have staff and resources available to assist you with deciding on a career, choosing a major, transferring and more. 

To begin the Career Exploration process, contact the Career and Transfer Advising Center to schedule an appointment.


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LJ Brown, Enrollment Management Coordinator/Advisor
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Skylar Ramsay, Coordinator of Career and Transfer Advising, Scotland County
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Linda Campbell, Richmond County Career and Transfer Specialist/Advisor
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Diamond Young, Career and Transfer Specialist/Advisor
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