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St. Andrews University LogoIf you’re thinking about transferring to St. Andrews, consider the following
questions to make sure they’re the right fit for you:

Does St. Andrews offer your major?
What are the General Education Requirements?
What are the Transfer Admissions Requirements?
Have you reviewed St. Andrews’ guide to transferring credits?               
How will you pay for college?
Is St. Andrews University the right fit for you?

NC ICAA Signatory Institution

St. Andrews University is a partner with the NC ICAA.  This agreement states that a student who transfers with an Associate in Arts or Science has satisfied the lower level general education requirements (first two years of a four year degree) except for Foreign Language or Physical Education.  If the student has taken the Foreign Language or PE (if required), the student will not be required to complete those courses at the university.  Along with the agreement, St. Andrews has agreed to accept the classes listed on the Transfer Course List.

If you have more questions, explore St. Andrews University’s website.

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