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Academic Success Center


The Academic Success Center at RichmondCC provides an “open door” policy to all RichmondCC students who need assistance in their studies. Tutors are available to help students in a wide range of subjects. Inside the center, there are over 40 computers equipped with the Microsoft Office Suite for students to use when needed. Free tutorial services are arranged for one-on-one and group sessions for students who request assistance. Instructors may refer students to the Academic Succcess Center for additional assistance and tutoring in the student’s subject.  Hours are flexible and every effort is made to meet the needs of the student.

The Academic Success Center also offers a large computer lab with multiple printers for student use and a quiet place to study with computers and whiteboards.

Oral and Written Communication Center (OWCC)

The OWCC provides professional tutors in a comfortable environment to help RichmondCC students with any course involving a written or oral component. This valuable consultation service is free by appointment or walk-in if OWCC tutors are scheduled and available. For OWCC hours and more information, visit the RichmondCC website. If a student needs help with a paper or video upload assistance and cannot make it to campus, they can upload their work to the OWCC paper portal online to receive guidance and feedback.

Math Lab

The Math Lab has friendly, knowledgeable tutors who can help with questions from basic arithmetic through calculus and differential equations. Students of all ability levels are welcome. The Math Lab is a free service; no appointment is necessary. Math tutors are available during lab hours to answer questions and give help on a one-on-one basis to currently enrolled students. The Math Lab provides a variety of resources, including practice tests, formula handouts, videos, and other useful information. 

Test Proctoring Service

The Academic Success Center provides free test proctoring to the students of RichmondCC who are enrolled in online courses. Students from universities that have signed articulation agreements with RichmondCC are offered free test proctoring as well. Student who do not fit into these categories may schedule test proctoring for a $25 fee (per exam) paid to the Business Office before testing. Appointments are made via the online scheduling system and students must have a valid student ID when they arrive for their testing appointment. The Academic Success Center ensures the integrity and security of each exam through identification verification and direct supervision in a secure environment. Test proctors monitor students through the entirety of each assessment.


Upswing is an online tutorial service that provides access to 24/7 academic support for all RichmondCC students through using their self-service login. Through Upswing’s online platform, students can connect with a network of live, in-person academic coaches in all subjects and courses offered at RichmondCC who can provide academic support at times when the college’s tutors may be unavailable, such as nights or weekends. Students can connect with tutors who are immediately available or schedule a future tutoring session. Students can get help with classes at times that best suit their schedules. There is no cost for students to use this online service.