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CondorThe library, located in the Conder building, is a grand place where RichmondCC's book collection lives. For those that love reading and collecting literature, a library can be a magical place of the imagination. It’s a great place to find volumes on almost every imaginable topic.

If you are new to college or are coming back, here is a Top 10 list of what the library can do to help support you in your college classes and coursework:

  • Reserve Materials
  • Study Spaces
  • Internet Access
  • Hole Punchers
  • Credible Information
  • Books!!!
  • Movies
  • Foreign sources of information
  • Information Operatives (a.k.a. Librarians)
  • And, the #1 reason you should use the library… Librarians actually ENJOY tracking down information and want to help you with your information needs!