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Enroll in Workforce & Economic Development Courses

Registration and Payment

Registration forms and payment must be completed a week prior to the beginning of class. Students may register and pay at one of three convenient locations:

  • Hamlet Campus, 1042 W. Hamlet Ave., Hamlet, NC 28345
  • Honeycutt Center, 600 McLean St., Laurinburg, NC 28352

You may also print and fax the form with credit card payment; print and mail the form with check, money order or credit card payment; or print and personally submit the form and pay at the locations stated above.

Schedule of Classes

To withdraw from a Workforce & Economic Development class, a student must complete a Withdrawal Form prior to the first day of class. Sumbit the form to Assistant Registrar Alicia Butler in the Lee Building, Rm. 42, or email to or Assistant Registrar Judy Roberts in the Lee Building, Rm. 134, or email to

WED Gift Certificates

There’s nothing more fulfilling than giving a gift that keeps on giving!  Purchase WED “College Buck$” for family and friends!  These Workforce & Economic Development (WED) pre-paid registration certificates enable individuals to enroll in non-credit courses of their choosing and come in a variety of paid tuition options.

Give the gift of learning that leads to personal innovation and growth. For more information or to redeem, contact Holly Collins at (910) 410-1704.


Taken a Workforce & Economic Development course at Richmond Community College and need a transcript? You can make a request to our office.

Richmond Community College is proud to provide students in Hamlet and Larinburg, NC with the skills, knowlege and experience they need for success through our Workforce Development program. 

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