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              Home School Students

Home-schooled students may also enroll in dual enrollment courses at RichmondCC. In order to do so, students must be at least a junior or senior and have completed high school Algebra II or Math III with a grade of C or better. Students must also provide RichmondCC with a high school transcript, a Proof of Registration form obtained through the N.C. Department of Non-Public Education website, and complete a Richmond Community College dual enrollment application, which may be done by clicking the link below:

                                          Dual Enrollment Application

                                                    Dual Credit Chart

Home-schooled students are responsible for purchasing their own textbooks and online access codes required for courses. They’re also responsible for their own transportation.

Home-schooled students are not constrained to specific times they may take classes at Richmond Community College and are allowed to follow the same rules and deadlines for dropping courses as all traditional RichmondCC students. 


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