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Learn the skills necessary to draw blood specimens in healthcare settings and blood donation centers. Phlebotomists may assist in preparing specimens in the laboratory. They are employed by hospitals, doctor offices and labs. Course topics include venipuncture, specimen handling, record-keeping and the healthcare profession. Successful completion of the course is based on 80 hours of class time and 120 hours of clinical.

Richmond Community College usually offers this class once a year. Classes are held on the Hamlet Campus and are evening classes. Clinical hours will be scheduled during daytime hours as most blood draws are done during the day.

New Skills, New Life pricing for $75 includes

  • Class fee
  • Books and
  • Background check

Upcoming Class: January 2022

Requirements for Registration

  • High school diploma or high school equivalency diploma (GED or HiSET)
  • Accuplacer Reading Score of 67 or RED 090 “B” or higher OR transcript from 2-year degree or higher
  • Valid U.S. government issued Social Security Card
  • Valid driver’s license or state issued picture ID
  • Current TB skin test, flu shot and immunization records
  • Physical will be required after the first two weeks of class. (Make an appointment with your physician soon!)
  • You are required to present all documents and/or transcripts at registration.

Note: Prior to clinical and after class begins a criminal background check and drug screen will be submitted through Applicant is responsible for presenting required documents.

Fees - Limited Time Pricing $75

  • Registration Fee: $193
  • Book Fee: $93.93 (price subject to change)
  • Criminal Background/Drug Screen: $75
  • State Exam Fee: Estimated between $75 - $150

Complete the application to receive the New Skills, New Life pricing here: Application

Complete application to register for this class here: Application

Please have separate checks for registration and book fees. If paying in cash, correct change is appreciated. Debit or credit cards are accepted for registration ONLY. Book will have to be purchased at RichmondCC's bookstore with a credit or debit card.

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