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Huge Savings on Transferable College Classes

Richmond Community College is offering a discount on summer classes for university students coming home for the summer break. University students who enroll in a class, or classes, during the Summer Semester at RichmondCC will get a “Homecoming Special” on tuition and fees for classes.

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Discounted Rates

  • Cost of 3 credit hour class: $199 (normal price: $258)
  • Cost of 4 credit hour course: $275 (normal price: $334)
  • Cost of 5 credit hour course: $350 (normal price: $410)

Students must apply as a special credit student in order to receive the Homecoming Special. Students will be responsible for the cost of books for each class they take.

If a student plans on using financial aid to pay for classes, he or she will need to contact the Financial Aid Office at (910) 410-1726.

If a class you need is not available, we want you to contact us because you may not be alone. If we have enough demand for a particular transfer class, we will create it.

Summer Class Schedules

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