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Introduction to Painting

In this course, students will learn the basic fundamentals, materials, and techniques for painting.Paint brushes in a rwo Working in water-based media (watercolor and acrylics) students learn techniques from direct observation, photo sources and from their imagination to produce work from a wide range of subjects. With an emphasis on color theory, students develop an understanding of formal elements to produce stronger work.

Class Dates: TBD

Digital Design

This course is designed to introduce students to the elements and principles of design through the use of digital software. Emphasis is placed on developing composition and design skills using vector, raster, and time-based media. Upon completion, students should be able to identify and use tools in digital software, understand and utilize digital and artistic vocabulary, and employ the principles and elements of design to create artwork using digital means.

Class Dates: TBD

Basics of Drawing

In this course, students will learn basic drawing skills and techniques from direct observation, photo sources and from their imagination. Person sketching a figure in blueSubject matter will include still life, landscape, architecture, linear perspective, the human figure, and abstraction. Students learn the formal elements of art through the depiction of form, value, space, line, shape and texture. Materials used for this course include charcoal or graphite on paper, and sketchbooks for homework and project studies to develop their ideas.

Class Dates: TBD

Introduction to Sculpture

This course provides an exploration of the creative and technical methods of sculpture with focus on the traditional processes. Person sculpting a figureEmphasis is placed on developing basic skills as they pertain to three-dimensional expression in various media. Upon completion, students should be able to show competence in variety of sculptural approaches. Students are not responsible for providing materials for this class.

Class Dates: TBD

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