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Nursing Students Receives Academic Excellence Award

Apr 15

April 15, 2021 - Richmond Community College student Ayesha Adams of Lilesville has received the 2021 Academic Excellence Award, which recognizes outstanding academic achievements of students in the N.C. Community College SystemNursing student Ayesha Adams stands in the hallway of the Simulation Learning Center.

Adams is an Associate Degree Nursing student at RichmondCC and will graduate from the program at the end of this semester.

“Since I was a child, I wanted to be in the medical field. I’ve always had a passion to work with people and I truly enjoy helping people,” Adams said. “I went to college and became a Medical Assistant. While I enjoyed my job, I knew what I really wanted to be was a nurse.”

In 2017, Adams started working on the prerequisite courses for the nursing program at South Piedmont Community College, but she was not successful in getting into the nursing program. She then learned about the Associate Degree Nursing program at RichmondCC and applied in 2019.

“When I got accepted and came to campus that first day, I knew this is where I was meant to be,” Adams said. “I knew that I was taking the right steps toward a better life for me and my family.”

Her journey, however, has not been easy.

“I was a teen mom, and then I lost my own mother, but these things have not stopped me from reaching for my dream of being a nurse,” Adams said.

She has used these challenges to fuel her determination and motivation to stay on track in the nursing program and one day work as a nurse in the ER.

“Ayesha is an individual who strives to do better no matter the circumstances,” said nursing instructor Kameshia Harrison. “She does not grumble or complain, but instead she approaches every situation with a smile on her face.”

Eager. Hardworking. Organized. Prepared. Focused. These are just a few words her instructors used to describe Adams’ desire to become a nurse.

“Ayesha has been an outstanding student,” Nursing Program Coordinator Emily Aycock said. “She is very mature, smart, responsible and goal oriented. She remains professional in her interactions with faculty, staff and patients. She comes to class, lab and clinicals prepared to learn and contributes to the learning process. She represents the profession of nursing well. We are so excited for her!”

Adams is also a first generation college student. Neither her parents or grandparents went to college.  

“I wish they were living so they could see me walk across the stage when I receive my nursing degree from Richmond Community College and one day my Bachelor of Science in Nursing,” she said.

Adams plans to advance her nursing degree at Fayetteville State University.

To learn more about the nursing programs or other healthcare programs at RichmondCC, visit Admissions or call (910) 410-1700 to speak to a counselor. The College is now registering students for summer and fall classes.

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