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AutoCAD is an online course that introduces you to Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), a software program that allows you to draft construction documents, explore design ideas, visualize concepts through renderings, and simulate how a design performs in the real world. AutoCAD is an important industrial art extensively used in many fields, including automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, architectural design, prosthetics and many more. It is also widely used to produce computer animation for special effects in movies, advertising and technical manuals. This class does have computer system requirements.

Next Class: Aug. 17 - Dec. 14 


  • 2-D and Isometric Drawings
  • Editing
  • File Management
  • Plotting

Course Costs

Limited Time Pricing with New Skills, New Life Scholarship: $90 (includes cost of textbook)

Eligible students will pay the discounted price made possible by the New Skills, New Life Scholarship. Funds are available for a limited time. In order to receive this scholarship, two applications must be completed:

Course Registration Form

Bring completed forms to the Hamlet or Scotland County Campus. If you are an online student, please call Student Services at (910) 410-1700.

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Please call Student Services at (910) 410-1700.

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