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Office Administration (CIP 52.0204)

Please Note: Program changes effective 2023 Fall. Please see your advisor if working off an older catalog.

Program Description

An office administration graduate sits at her computer.The Office Administration curriculum prepares individuals for employment as administrative office personnel who use skills in the areas of office management, office finance, legal office, virtual office, customer service, and office software.

Course work includes computer applications, oral and written communication, analysis and coordination of office tasks and procedures, records management, and other topics depending on the subject area selected within this curriculum.

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in a variety of office positions in business, government, and industry. Upon graduation, students may be eligible to sit for industry recognized certification exams.

Will I be suited for this type of work?

You must have integrity because you will often handle sensitive and confidential information. You will need to have excellent interpersonal skills to create a positive working environment and client experience. You must also be organized and detail-oriented so an office can run efficiently.

How long does it take to complete the program?

This program has both an associate degree and certificate component. The degree can be completed in two years, while the certificate requires less time to complete.

Can I complete this program online?

Many portions of the Office Administration program can be completed online, including all of the Microsoft Office courses.

What if I already have a degree and want a job?

This program is an excellent supplement if you already have a four-year degree and are looking to add employable job skills to your resume. This program will also help you build an attractive resume and prepare you for the interview process.

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Lori McLaughlin
Office Administration Program Coordinator
(910) 410-1722
(910) 410-1722
Office Administration Program Coordinator

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