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NCCER Core & Electrical Level 1 & 2

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NCCER Electrical Level 1

Class Dates: TBD

NCCER Electrical Level 2

Next Class Dates: TBD

Building upon knowledge and skills gained in NCCER Electrical Level 1, you will continue to learn more about the electrical trade and gain additional national credentials that employers are looking for in their workforce. Upon course completion, you will receive the NCCER Electrical Level 2 Certification.  

Key Course Topics

Alternating Current; Motors: Theory and Application; Electric Lighting; Conduit Bending; Pull and Junction Boxes;Conductor Installations; Cable Tray; Conductor Terminations and Splices; Grounding and Bonding; Circuit Breakers and Fuses; Control Systems; and Fundamental Concepts 

Course Fee

$180, plus text

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