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Steps After Selecting a Transfer Destination

There are a couple of key steps you should complete once you have selected a transfer destination.

  • Apply
  • Evaluate Your Transfer Credits

The Application Process

Check the transfer institution's website for application, scholarship, and financial aid deadlines, and apply as soon as possible.  For some schools, the earlier you apply, the better your chances to be admitted and awarded financial aid.

Find out the requirements to apply.  These requirements may include:

  • Completing an online or paper form application.
  • Submitting payment of an application fee. Some schools may waive the fee if you visit their campus or talk to one of their transfer recruiters when they come to our campus.
  • Requesting official transcript(s) from RichmondCC and previously attended institutions be sent to the transfer institution. If you are currently attending classes, send an additional transcript once your final grades have been posted.
  • Writing an essay.
  • Submitting letters of recommendations.
  • Taking tests.  Some selective programs may want you to take additional tests.  For example, many nursing programs require the TEAS test.

Some of these requirements will demand a substantial amount of time to complete, so get started on them as soon as possible.

Evaluate Your Transfer Credits

Talk to your advisor and see how your credits should transfer to other institutions.

Ask for a copy of your unofficial transcript evaluation early.  Some schools are more willing to provide you with this than others. Once you have your official evaluation of transfer credits, don't be afraid to ask questions you have about the courses that transferred and those that didn't.

If you are not satisfied with the transfer institution's answers, contact the transfer coordinator and the transfer institution, who may be able to help you get the credits you deserve.  You will need to provide the transfer coordinator with your official credit evaluation, as well as your declared major at the transfer institution.

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