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Cyber Security Training

This 14-week course will prepare students to earn industry-recognized certifications in Cyber Security and Network Security. Included with the class are the CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ credentialing exam fees worth over $1,200. This is a hybrid course and will have in-classroom lessons as well as online lessons. Protect yourself from malicious cyber-attacks and begin a lucrative career protecting critical neworks and vital computer systems. This class is supported by the Carolina Cyber Network Grant fund.

Course Topics

  • Common Cyber Attacks
  • Identifying Threats
  • Basic Principles of Networking and Security

Class Dates: Hamlet or Scotland Campus - Sept. 10 - Dec. 17 | Class will meet every other Saturday.

*Students must have a two-year degree or completion of at least 60 credit hours from an accredited institution.

Course Cost

Limited Time Pricing with New Skills, New Life Scholarship: $99

Eligible students will pay the discounted price made possible by the New Skills, New Life Scholarship. Funds are available for a limited time. In order to receive this scholarship, two applications must be completed:

Course Registration Form

Bring completed forms to the Hamlet or Scotland County Campus. If you are an online student, please call Student Services at (910) 410-1700.

Need Help?

Please call Student Services at (910) 410-1700.

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