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Associate in Science - Pre-Medical (CIP 24.0101)

RichmondCC has created a Pre-Medical Professional Pathway in an effort to outline a specific pathway for students to obtain an Associate in Science degree that also meets a majority of the prerequisite coursework requirements for admission to most US Medical Schools. Students can major in anything they like to prepare for medical school. Medical schools do not require, or even prefer, a certain undergraduate major. It is recommended that you check with specific schools to see if they require any additional coursework to be eligible for admission. 

*Some schools are not yet specifically requiring Biochemistry and Statistics. However, students will need to take these courses to be successful on the MCAT because it contains material from those courses.

Students seeking entry into Medical School will meet a majority of prerequisite course requirements for application by completing this Associate in Science Degree – Pre-Medical Professional Pathway. Additionally, this curriculum adheres to the North Carolina Community College System guidelines for an Associate in Science degree. Admission into a US Medical School requires a bachelor degree, the Associate of Science degree can be used to transfer to a bachelor degree program.

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