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RichmondCC Students Show High Achievement in Math on State Report

Aug 4

Aug. 4, 2021 - Richmond Community College’s Board of Trustees approved the 2021 Performance Measures for Student Success Report from the N.C. Community College System at Tuesday’s meeting.View of the construction on the patio

The annual performance report is based on data compiled during the previous year and serves to inform colleges and the public on the performance of the 58 community colleges. The list of measures includes:

  • Basic Skills Student Progress
  • Student Success Rate in College-Level English Courses
  • Student Success Rate in College-Level Math Courses
  • First-Year Progression
  • Curriculum Student Completion
  • Licensure and Certification Pass Rate
  • College Transfer Performance

High Rankings

RichmondCC had the highest ranking in the state for the math performance measure and also scored just below the “Excellence Level” for student success rate in English courses and curriculum completion.

“We also did very well in our licensure pass rate because of the success of our nursing programs and how well our students did in the past year,” said Dr. Dale McInnis, president of RichmondCC.

RichmondCC scored below the college average in Basic Skills Student Progress, First-Year Progression, and College Transfer Performance.

“The area that we have historically not been at the top is the performance measure for college transfer, because there is no control on how well students are going to do at a senior institution,” McInnis said.

As for the other two lower ranking performance measures, McInnis said the pandemic definitely affected student performance in these areas across the entire state.

“When you look at all the results on the report, we are very comparable to all the colleges around us,” McInnis said.

Student Fees

The Board of Trustees also voted on the 2021-2022 Student Fee Schedule, which included one increase in student fees. The fee for background checks to clear students for clinicals went up $10. However, this fee is determined by a third party agency used by the hospitals or medical facilities.

“Our strategy is to have the lowest fees possible for our students, and we still have the lowest fees in the region,” McInnis said.

Mask Policy

McInnis also reported on the new procedures the College will adopt immediately in response to the rapid spread of the COVID19 variant. Masks will be required by all students in all classrooms. In order to effectively present and communicate, masks will be optional for faculty in classrooms. Masks will be optional in offices, common areas and outdoors. However, masks will be required for large public gatherings or events. Those attending the Summer Commencement Ceremony on Friday, Aug. 6, will be required to wear masks.

“We need to protect the safety of our employees and students and prevent the disruption of our fall classes. One positive case may force an in-person class to move online, putting our students’ success at risk,” McInnis said. 

Campus Projects

The Board also received a report on two projects at the Hamlet Campus that are being covered by unspent contingency funds from the construction of the café and the addition to the Lee Building. The brick patio in front of the Lindsey-Petris Building is being replaced with a concrete patio that will incorporate the College’s logo, and the metal panel fascia project for the Lee Building was awarded to WaynCo Roofing. That project will get underway later this month.