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Richmond Community College Tutoring Services in Laurinburg & Hamlet, NC

All of us at Richmond Community College want our students to succeed, and we’re committed to inspiring and allowing them to do so. With this in mind, we offer free tutoring services at our Hamlet and Laurinburg, NC campuses to any student who is interested in being tutored. Our academic tutoring services are provided through one-on-one tutoring or small group sessions. Reinforcement and skill drill are also available in the form of computer, written and video tutorials.

RCC offers tutoring services.

We encourage faculty members to send students to our Academic Success Center in the J. Richard Conder Learning Resources Center (LRC) for tutoring, skill labs or remedial work. Faculty are asked to complete referral cards for students to be tutored, and to identify specific academic weaknesses, as well as make suggestions for tutorial materials and/or techniques. Students will be assigned a tutor only when a referral card has been received by an Academic Success Coordinator.

Refer One of Your Students to Be an RCC Tutor

At Richmond Community College, we also encourage our faculty to recommend outstanding students who would be exceptional tutors in a subject area. Fill out the form below to recommend a student as an academic tutor. Although RCC relies on student tutors in Laurinburg and Hamlet, NC, professional tutors may be employed if needed.

Instructor Referral Form

Learn more about all of our unique programs at Richmond Community College, from workforce development to adult education to college and career readiness, and easily start your application process online. If you’re already a student at RCC, explore our counseling, disability and other student services to find out how we can help you succeed in furthering your education.

Richmond Community College has been serving the Richmond and Scotland County communities for 50 years with excellent education opportunities and student services, including counseling, disability and tutoring services, in Hamlet and Laurinburg, NC.