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Course Catalogs

2017-2018 Program and Course Catalog

2016-2017 Program and Course Catalog

2015-2016 Program and Course Catalog--Revised Spring

2015-2016 Program and Course Catalog

2014-2015 Program and Course Catalog

2013-2014 Program and Course Catalog

2012-2013 Program and Course Catalog

2010-2012 Program and Course Catalog

Program Completion Guides

2018-2019 Program Completion Guides

2017-2018 Program Completion Guides

2016-2017 Program Completion Guides

2015-2016 Program Completion Guides

2014-2015 Program Completion Guides

2013-2014 Program Completion Guides

Student Handbooks

2016-2017 RichmondCC Student Handbook

Digitial Archives

Richmond Community College's College Catalogs and Student Handbooks have been digitized and placed online at the DigitalNC website. The years available are 1967 - 2012.  
The RCC Yearbook, Valiant,  from 1970 - 1986, is available on the site as well. The library still maintains paper editions of both titles.

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The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center at UNC-Chapel Hill is responsible for the digitization, and does this state-wide.

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