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Oral and Written Communication Center (OWCC)

As a part of the Quality Enhancement Plan, Speaking to Convey, Writing to Display, the Writing Center is in the process of expanding its resources to help students with oral presentations as well as written assignments. The OWCC provides professional tutors in a comfortable environment to help RichmondCC students in any class involving a written or oral component.


This service is completely free and is available during the following hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday.


Room 105 & 107, Conder Building, Main Campus - Hamlet


Contact Information:

Teresa A. Caballero-Meehan
Academic Success Center Evening Coordinator and OWCC Coordinator
(910) 410-1896

The OWCC is also available to tutor through email. If you would like help with a paper or QEP video upload assistance and you cannot make it on campus, you can email to receive feedback and guidance.

Commonly asked questions about tutoring and how it works!

How do I prepare for a tutoring session?

Since the OWCC can get busy, it is best to have specific questions in mind when you come to meet with a tutor. Be sure to know the details of the assignment you are receiving tutoring for, such as: What format does the instructor want used? How long does the final project need to be? Are there specific objectives or goals set by the assignment? It is generally best to have a copy of the assignment instructions whenever you come to visit the OWCC.

Do students need an appointment?

Students who need help at the OWCC are encouraged to make an appointment by emailing Please title the email “OWCC Appointment” and include your name, student ID, and the date/time that would best suit you for coming in to the OWCC. Students are also always welcome to drop in, though appointments will have priority!

How long does a tutoring session last?

A typical tutoring session will last about 30 minutes. This is also the length of time blocked off for a student during an appointment. This is usually enough time to identify and correct problem areas, while leaving enough space open so everyone gets a fair shot at getting in to see the OWCC tutor. That said, the tutor may allow a session to go on longer provided no students are waiting to receive help.

When is the best time to get help? 

The OWCC can help at any stage of the drafting process, but is especially useful right at the beginning! Students often believe they must have a completed writing or speech sample before visiting a tutor and this is not the case. Seeing a tutor in the early stages of writing or speech preparation can stop problems before they occur, saving students time and stress in the revision process. Of course, tutors can work with a more complete sample as well.

Does seeing a tutor mean a student is bad at writing or speaking?

No! Professional peer revision is a part of the writing process, whether a person is just getting started in college or if someone has a PhD. It is entirely possible the writing or speech sample will have very few mistakes, but if the tutor identifies even one problem area it will help with the final production of a student’s work.

Can the OWCC help if the class is not an English class?

Absolutely! The OWCC helps with any form of writing or oral presentation and is familiar with both MLA and APA formatting styles. Since most classes have writing or speaking components of some sort, it is safe to say that the OWCC can assist with almost every class offered at RCC.

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