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     Richmond Senior High School

Richmond Senior High School (RSHS) students wishing to enroll in dual enrollment courses at RichmondCC must be a junior or senior and have an uweighted GPA of 2.8. They must compete an online registration form found HERE , as well as complete a Richmond Community College dual enrollment application, which may be done by clicking the link below:

                                  RichmondCC Career and College Promise Application

                                                           RichmondCC / RSHS Contract

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RSHS Eligibilty Requirements:

  • Must be a junior or senior.
  • Must have a high school unweighted GPA of 2.8.
  • Must take a minimum of 2 blocks with credit-bearing courses at RSHS each semester.
  • Must meet with high school guidance counselor to ensure college classes fit in high school track.

RSHS Grading Policy:

  • Grades earned at RichmondCC will be included on high transcript and count as part of the high school GPA.
  • Courses taken outside of the school day or during summer will not be on the high school transcript.
  • College classes can not be dropped on or after the official start date of classes or fail to ever attend the start of class. Both will result in and "F' on the high school transcript.

Fees and Expenses:

  •  RichmondCC tuition is waived.
  •  RichmondCC covers the cost of college fees.
  •  Richmond County Schools covers the cost of textbooks and access codes.
  • Textbooks MUST be returned the last day of each semester or students are charged for the cost of the book.

RSHS Continuation Requirements:

  • Students will not be allowed to take college courses the following semester if any college course is failed or a student is a no show to a course they registered for.

Beginning with the Fall 2019 semester, RSHS students will have first and second block options for college courses.


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