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Hamlet & Laurinburg, NC Employee Benefits at RCC

Below you’ll find a list of all of the benefits that RCC offers our full-time employees. Refer to the original plan documents for complete plan information.

Retirement System

(877) 627-3287

A pre-tax deduction of 6% of gross pay is automatically deducted from your paycheck and deposited into your Retirement System account. The plan also includes a death benefit and short-term disability plan after one year of service, and a long-term disability plan after five years of service.

Supplemental Retirement
(866) 627-5267

The State of NC 401(k) plan is administered by Prudential Retirement. This plan offers the traditional pre-tax option, as well as a post-tax Roth option, for employees to be able to invest funds. Online access to your personal account is available from the link above so that you can view and change investments, change deferral amounts and perform other general account maintenance.

Medical Insurance

(888) 234-2416

The State Health Plan is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. It is a PPO plan with a Basic (70/30) and Standard (80/20) plan. An employee’s individual coverage is paid by RCC. Dependent coverage is available at the employee’s expense. Online viewing of claims and coverage information is available to make finding your explanations of benefits a breeze.

Dental Insurance – Reliance Standard
(800) 497-7044

Richmond Community College offers an employee paid plan that provides employees with exam coverage every six months at no cost. It also covers basic and major services at an 80% and 50% cost sharing respectively.

Vision Insurance
(877) 615-7732

OptiCare administers Richmond Community College’s vision plan. A hardware-only plan and a hardware and exam plan are available to choose between. A network of doctors is utilized with this plan. Check out the website for a listing of participating doctors and a summary of the coverage.

Term Life Insurance
(800) 421-0344

UNUM provides a term life insurance option with a guarantee issue amount of up to $50,000 if it is elected when first eligible. Rates are based upon age and the amount of coverage that is elected.

Colonial Supplemental Coverage
(800) 325-4368

Colonial provides an array of additional coverage options for employees to choose from in order to meet their individual needs.

  • An Accident and Sickness Disability Income Plan provides coverage for an employee for accidents, disability from work and for surgery.
  • An Accident Plan is also available for employees who may not need as comprehensive a plan as what is listed above, or if the employee is looking to cover a spouse and/or children.
  • A Cancer Response Insurance Policy is available and provides an annual payment for having a cancer screening. It also provides coverage, in addition to the health plan, for various cancer treatments, associated travel and various expenses should you be diagnosed with cancer.
  • An Intensive Care Plan provides additional coverage for individuals who are confined to an ICU.
  • A Medical Bridge Plan provides additional payment for hospital admission or outpatient surgery.

Term Life and Universal Life Policies are available.

Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account
(888) 868-3539

AmeriFlex administers these FSAs for RCC. Employees are able to set aside funds on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses and medications, as well as for day care expenses. A convenient credit card is available to make claim filing easy.

Employee Assistance Program
(800) 633-3353

Employees are automatically eligible for this free service. The EAP is designed to help employees with personal and job-related problems. Short-term counseling is available, as well as a web-based self-help and training center. Everything is 100% confidential.


The holidays (up to 12 days) that are observed are: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving day and the following Friday, and Christmas Break.

Annual & Sick Leave

Full-time employees earn eight hours of sick leave a month and annual leave on a monthly basis based upon the length of service shown in the table below.

Less than 5 years 9 hrs & 20 mins
5-9 years 11 hrs & 20 mins
10-14 years 13 hrs & 20 mins
15-19 years 15 hrs & 20 mins
20 years or more 17 hrs & 20 mins

Part-time permanent employees earn leave on a pro-rata basis.

Free Tuition

Each full-time permanent employee is granted one tuition-free class per semester at Richmond Community College in Hamlet or Laurinburg with prior approval of their supervisor.

Richmond Community College has been serving students from all walks of life for 50 years with a variety of educational resources, including associate degrees, college readiness programs, adult education and more in Hamlet and Laurinburg, NC.