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High School Equivalency (HSE) Testing Services

The High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma is a gateway for adults to find their way to better paying jobs and higher education. Millions of adults have earned their HSE, which is accepted at all community colleges. A recent study showed that a high school dropout who obtains the HSE diploma could see an income rise of 43 percent. HSE graduates make an average of $385,000 more in their lifetime than people without. That’s a raise of $12,000 a year for most people. The HSE becomes more profitable when the student goes on to college. The average income for college graduates is $44,000, more than double the income of people who haven’t graduated high school.

HSE Testing Services

The North Carolina Community College System has approved the following High School Equivalency (HSE) tests: GED, HiSET, and TASC. RichmondCC provides testing for GED and HiSET. The GED Test is available only at the James Building and is provided as a computer based exam. Each test is $20 per test (4 tests) or approximately $80. The HiSET Test is available at the James Building and Honeycutt Center and is provided as a paper based exam. HiSET tests are $10/test (5 tests) or $50 for the entire test. 

Students must register and pay for either exam at  or Each website offers additional resources to help prepare the student for an HSE test and a monthly testing schedule. Upon successful completion of a HSE test, the student will receive a High School Equivalency Diploma from North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges. A graduation ceremony is held annually for the Adult High School and HSE Diploma graduates.

Requirements to enter the HSE Program

  • Attend and complete an assessment/orientation session.
  • Score a minimum of 8.9 on the assessment test.
  • Minors 16 and 17 years of age must submit additional forms and information.

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