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Electric Utility Substation & Relay Technology (CIP 46.0301)

Please Note:  Program change effective 2020 Fall. Please see your advisor if working off of an older catalog.

Program Description

The Electric Utility Substation and Relay Technology curriculum provide students the skills to maintain high voltage equipment and protective systems for the electric utility transmission system. Electrical Utility Substation Relay Technology Class with equipmentTraining in operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure associated with the electric transmission grid is included.

Courses will develop an understanding of maintenance and troubleshooting of transmission equipment. Courses include theory in three-phase power, protective relaying, power transformers, voltage regulators, capacitors and power circuit breakers. These skills apply to the electric utility industry and numerous other industries.

Graduates qualify for entry-level employment in the electric utility industry and industrial power facilities. Employment opportunities include: control systems, instrumentation, and control in general industry, electric utility industry, green energy markets, or positions working with equipment related to power transmission.


Brian Terry
Electric Utility Substation and Relay Technology
EURST Instructor

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