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33 Students Graduate from the Associate Degree Nursing Program

May 10

May 10, 2019 – Thirty-three Associate Degree of Nursing students at Richmond Community College were officially pinned during the 42nd Annual Pinning Ceremony held Thursday at the Cole Auditorium.The Class of 2019 ADN students stand on the steps of the Cole Auditorium.

Dr. Dale McInnis, president of RichmondCC, welcomed everyone to the pinning ceremony and recognized the family and friends of the students who supported them through their journey.

“We know that much of these students’ success is due to the time, love and support that you invested in them, and we thank you for that,” McInnis said.

McInnis also applauded the many supporters, sponsors, stakeholders and partners who play a key role in the success of the nursing program and its students. 

“We thank the hospitals, the agencies and the folks who work with us every day to ensure the quality of instruction for our students is the very finest,” McInnis said.

Guest speaker for the ceremony was registered nurse Wendy Barnes, who works at the Wound Care Center in Fayetteville and allowed the nursing students to observe her during clinicals.

“From the first day of clinical, when your instructor asked if I would let a couple of students come with me to observe wound care, this was the beginning of an unexpected yet amazing experience for all of us,” Barnes said. “I began to look forward to those burgundy scrubs each week.”

Barnes talked about enjoying seeing the excitement in these budding new nurses and how they interacted with patients and their wounds.

“As you go forward, you will realize your patients will see you as a healer, as you listen to the unspoken words, the grimace of discomfort or when they look away as you provide care. You are their advocate, care giver and at times, a comforter when they are in despair,” Barnes said.

Barnes welcomed these 34 students into an honorable profession, adding, “It has been my pleasure to have been included on your journey, and I am proud of each of you.”

Also speaking at the ceremony was Monica Jacobs, president of the ADN Class of 2019. Jacobs spoke of the challenges of completing the nursing program.

“Many may question why anyone would choose to give up their lives for two years, and the reply would be nursing is a noble profession that is not for the faint of heart, but we have chosen to pursue a career that will allow us to show true compassion and caring for our fellow man and leave a lasting impression on those individuals and making someone know that they matter,” she said.

After the students received their nursing pins, lamps and red roses, the ceremony concluded with the students citing the nursing pledge along with their instructors and the lighting of their nursing lamps.

Nursing Awards

Ten students received nursing awards during the ceremony.

  • Brittany Brower received the Harold E. Morrison Compassion and Professionalism Award. Presented by the family of Harold E. Morrison, this award is given to the graduate who demonstrates the highest degree of professionalism while providing compassionate family-centered care.
  • Amber Morton received the Hamlet Hospital Alumni Award. Presented by the Hamlet Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association in honor of Dr. William Daniel James, this award goes to the graduate who has shown proficiency in nursing, high professional standards, scholastic achievement, love for humanity, and participation in student activities.
  • Kim Tyner received the award in memory of Dora Hildreth Sellers. This award is presented by the family of Dora Hildreth Sellers to the student who demonstrates care and compassion while providing patient-family center care in the ICU setting.
  • Andrea Stubbs received the Pediatric Award. Presented by the Lillian Duer James family in honor of Dr. William Daniel James, this award goes to the graduate who has maintained and demonstrated a superior ability in nursing of children.
  • Monica Jacobs received the Scotland Health Care System Nursing Service Award. Determined by the vote of the Nursing Director and Nurse Managers, this award is presented by the hospital to the graduate who best meets the criteria of scholastic ability, professionalism, interpersonal relationships and caring attitude.
  • Cheyenne Locklear received the Scotland Health Care System Administration Award. Determined by the vote of the Nursing Director and Nurse Managers, and with the approval of the Hospital Administrator, this award is presented by the hospital administration to the graduate who is most dedicated to caring.
  • Elizabeth Paige Pressley and Selena Quick received the FirstHealth Richmond Memorial Hospital Professional Nursing Awards. Determined by faculty recommendation, this award is given to two graduates who best demonstrate the following characteristics in his or her nursing practice: patient-centered/family-centered approach to care; patient advocate; evidence-based practice; and collaboration with other health care team members and disciplines.
  • Logan Strange received the Joseph W. Grimsley Humanitarian Award. This award is presented by the RichmondCC nursing faculty to the graduate who has consistently demonstrated warmth, caring, and love for mankind in all his or her relationships and associations.
  • Peyton Butler received the Scholastic Achievement Award. Presented by the Lillian Duer James family in h­onor of Lillian Duer James, this award goes to the graduate who has maintained the highest grade point average in the nursing curriculum.

ADN Class of 2019 Graduates

  • Brittany Channel Brower
  • Peyton Brianna Butler
  • Stephanie Brooke Cain
  • Casey Jean Cairnie
  • Kalee Diane Carter
  • Candler Ashton Cochran
  • Jackeline Elizabeth Cockerton
  • Sabrina Janine Crowder
  • Ruby Mae Saldua Dollente
  • Braxton Marie Faircloth
  • Matthew Jonathon Hall
  • Emma Eloise Ellerbe
  • Conner Gregory Hutchinson
  • Monica Lynn Jacobs
  • Cierra Diane Locklear
  • Lisa Cheyenne Locklear
  • Destiny Lowry
  • Sarah Alexus McMillan
  • Gabrielle Josephine Melton
  • Amber Taylor Morton
  • Shelby Marie Mossman
  • Robert Lewis Player
  • Elizabeth Paige Pressley
  • Jodi Lynn Purvis
  • Selena Dawn Quick
  • Mary L. Rhodes
  • Latasha Reaves Ross
  • Logan Bullock Strange
  • Andrea Catherine Stubbs
  • Kimberly Sellers Tyner
  • Tabatha Marie Usher
  • Charlene Kaye Vallance
  • Tiffany Michelle Vandermark