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Transcript Evaluation FAQ

1. What credits transfer to Richmond Community College?

a. Students must have earned a passing grade of a C or higher from an accredited college or university. Accreditation must be from a regionally accredited agency recognized by the US Department of Education. The process is the same no matter what the delivery format for the courses previously taken.

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b. It is the student’s responsibility to request an “official” transcript be sent directly to Richmond Community College for evaluation.

2. Does Richmond Community College accept credit for military experience?

a. Current United States service members or veterans may have earned transferrable credit through military service or training. Military transfer credit is considered with a Joint Services Transcript. The service member or veteran is responsible for requesting his or her Joint Services Transcript.

Joint Services Transcript

b. Richmond Community College follows the ACE (American Council on Education) credit recommendations for transferrable credit.

American Council on Education

3. My previously earned credits were on the quarter system. How will this translate to the semester system at Richmond Community College?

a. The quantity has to be equal to the semester hour. The Registrar will determine if courses have equal hours.

4. When will my transcript be evaluated?

a. Upon a student’s admittance to Richmond Community College and the student’s transcript is received, the decision on transferable credit is usually made within one week.

5. How will I be notified of the credits that transfer?

a. Students will receive a letter detailing what courses have transferred.

6. How many credits can I transfer?

a. Twenty five percent (25%) of a credential’s credits must be earned at Richmond Community College. Therefore, up to seventy five percent (75%) of eligible transferred credit can be used to complete a credential.

b. Examples:

i. If the degree requires sixty (60) credits, then at least fifteen (15) credits must be earned at Richmond Community College in order to award the degree.

ii. If a certificate requires twelve (12) credits, then at least four (4) credits must be earned at Richmond Community College in order to award the degree.

7. Are there time limits to how long ago earned credits can be transferred?

a. Transferrable credit may not be awarded for certain course prefixes or programs. Please contact the Registrar if you have specific concerns.

8. I have earned credit elsewhere but I do not wish to transfer those credits to Richmond Community College. Do I still need to send my transcripts?

a. The Financial Aid Office may request all transcripts be submitted if the student applies for financial aid.

9. I received an email or letter from the Registrar requesting additional information about a course I took at another college or university. What does this mean?

a. Sometimes it may be difficult for the Registrar to make a decision on a particular course because information cannot be found through normal means on that course. Additional information such as a course syllabus, course descriptions, or information from the  instructor may be needed in order to make a final determination on transferrable credit.

10. The Registrar did not award me transferrable credits for a course I am sure would have transferred.

a. A student can contact a previous school or instructors to provide further information about that course if they do not agree with the transcript evaluation. However, the Registrar will make the final decision on transfer credit.

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