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Part-time as needed
Job Category: 
Student Services

Application Process: To apply for a vacant position, complete the Richmond Community College application and submit it with photocopies or unofficial copies of your College transcripts. For positions where a high school diploma or equivalent is the highest required degree, then proof of high school/equivalency is required. Application and review process can be found on the RCC website. No action will be taken on submission of a resume or letter of interest only. Incomplete files will not be considered.

Methods to submit an application:

  • In person: 1042 W. Hamlet Avenue, Hamlet, NC, DeWitt Building, 2nd floor.
  • Mail: RCC, Attn: Human Resources, PO Box 1189, Hamlet, NC 28345.
  • Fax: 910-582-7028.Applicant needs to ensure that documents are readable.
  • E-mail:  Application must contain a physical signature.
  • Online submission at

Description: Candidate will provide sign language interpretation services for students who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have communication disorders. Interpreter will attend classes or tutoring sessions with students. Candidate must be willing to effectively assist student with communication needs with instructors, tutors, and for class assignments. The candidate will report to the Special Populations Counselor - Disability Services Coordinator and the Vice President of Student Services. All final candidates for this position will be asked to demonstrate their sign language interpretation abilities in front of a qualified sign language interpreter.

Experience: A qualified candidate for this position must have these qualities:

  1. Ability to interpret American English to and from American Sign Language.
  2. Ability to use sign language for extended periods of time.
  3. Ability to accurately sign in a pace that can keep up with lecturing.
  4. Ability to accurately interpret specific course vocabulary into sign language.
  5. Ability to be expressive in interpretation to convey the emotion of the presenter.
  6. Ability to interpret information at hand without adding personal beliefs or views.

Compensation: $20-$30 per hour depending on experience and certifications.

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