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Health Sciences

Immediate need for Adjunct Instructors needed for Nursing

Adjunct instructor is responsible for:

1. Preparation of course objectives and a course outline in accordance with guidance provided by the appropriate College supervising official.

2. Submission of a course outline for approval prior to the beginning of classes.

3. Conducting instruction in accordance with the approved course outline.

4. Being thoroughly prepared for each class.

5. Being prompt and utilizing class time effectively.

6. Being reasonably available for student counseling for 30 minutes each week either immediately    before or after class or in an on line environment.

7. Maintaining attendance, grades, and other student’s records as prescribed herein or by the College directives.

8. Emphasizing to all students the importance of prompt, regular, and continuous class attendance.

9. Maintaining the degree of discipline, decorum, necessary to establish an effective learning environment.

10. Reporting promptly any problems or recommendations to the appropriate College supervisory official.


Minimum Education and Experience:

Master's degree in nursing preferred, Bachelor's degree in nursing required.  Two years full-time experience in clinical nursing practice as a R.N. required.  Must hold a current unrestricted license as a R.N. in North Carolina.  Teaching experience, particularly in a nursing program, preferred.  Prior to or within the first three (3) years of employment, nursing faculty who teach in a program leading to initial licensures as a nurse shall have preparation in teaching and learning principles for adult education, including curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation that is appropriate to assignment.  The nurse faculty member in a program preparing individuals for registered nurse practice who has primary responsibility, designated by the program, for coordinating the planning, implementation, and evaluation of each major clinical nurse course shall hold a master's degree.  This nurse faculty member shall also have had a minimum of one academic year of full-time teaching experience in a nursing program.  Demonstrated ability to integrate computers into the instructional environment and on-line teaching experience preferred.  

Application Process: To apply for a vacant position, complete the Richmond Community College application and submit it with photocopies or unofficial copies of your College transcripts. For positions where a high school diploma or equivalent is the highest required degree, then proof of high school/equivalency is required. Application and review process can be found on the RCC website.

  • No action will be taken on submission of a resume or letter of interest only.
  • Incomplete files will not be considered.

Methods to submit an application:

In person: 1042 W. Hamlet Avenue, Hamlet, NC, DeWitt Building, 2nd floor.
Mail: RCC, Attn: Human Resources, PO Box 1189, Hamlet, NC 28345
Fax: 910-582-7028.  Applicant needs to ensure that documents are readable.
E-mail:  Application must contain a physical signature.

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