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RCC Exploring Addition for New Student Life Center, New Engineering Degree

May 6

Richmond Community College is looking to add a new engineering degree to its curriculum and provide better food service on campus based on actions taken at the Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday night...

‘Fridays At The Forte’ Series To Kick Off May 8

Apr 29

A series of Industrial Maintenance courses will be offered beginning May 8 at Richmond Community College’s state-of-the-art engineering facility, the newly expanded John E. Forte Building.  ...

RCC Series to Focus on Beautifying Lawns

Apr 27

Richmond Community College is offering a series of workshops this summer focusing on improving lawns and beautifying landscapes. Topics include plant identification, fertilizer and chemical care,...

From Adult High School to College, Former Drop-Out on Path to Becoming a Nurse

Apr 13

Rock bottom has created more champions than privilege ever has,” Richmond Community College student Courtney Hogan said. Hogan is familiar with rock bottom, because that is where she found herself...

RCC Board Update on Upcoming Events and Startup Program

Apr 10

The Richmond Community College Board of Trustees was given details about an upcoming Open House and Anniversary Gala, as well as approved Richmond and Scotland County budget requests during its...