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Youth Groups Learn About the Endless Possibilities of 3D Printing

May 29

May 29, 2018 – The Alpha Mu Chapter of Alpha Pi Chi National Sorority holds a Cinderella Ball every year, but for the past two years, the young girls who attended the ball have been able to make their own jewelry using 3D printing technology under the guidance of Richmond Community College Mechanical Engineering instructor Annie Harden.The Cinderella Girls stand in a group on a bridge for a photo

The Cinderella Girls, as the group is called, learn etiquette, self-confidence, and educational and spiritual guidance through the annual ball, but thanks to Harden, they have also learned about design and 3D printing.Photo of the Cinderella Girls' escorts

“The girls were able to make key ring lockets and other jewelry,” said Harden, who is second vice president of the Alpha Mu Chapter and coordinator of this year’s ball. “Normally the activities are centered on the girls, but this year we decided to include the boys who escort the Cinderellas at the ball in the 3D printing activity. The look on their faces was priceless seeing the 3D printer at work and realizing they could make anything imaginable on the printer.”

Harden downloaded a gear set from Thingiverse, which provides digital designs for physical objects, for the boys to print on the 3D printer.

“This is a great way for Richmond Community College to reach young girls and boys in the community and allow them to experience some of the skills they can learn in Mechanical Engineering,” Harden said. “Hopefully this early exposure will pique their interest in becoming a Mechanical Engineering Technician, which is a career that can take them anywhere.”

This year’s Cinderella Girls included MahKayla Wall, A’nayiah Dumas, Zaelyn Crumpton, London Saunders, Lakayla Patterson, Shalayeh Green, Haras Lockhart and Journi Wall. The boys who served as their escorts were K’mauri Morgan, Harlee Williams, Marcus Henderson, Elijah Crumpton, Andrae Streeter Jr., Dere’on Campbell, Justin Flowers and Jacob Wall.

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