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Two Instructors from the Allied Department Receive QEP Recognition

Nov 28

November 28, 2017 - The Allied Health Department implemented Richmond Community College’s Quality Enhancement Plan, Speaking to Convey, Writing to Display, this fall semester. Instructors Jeanne Hardee and Robyn Davis were the winners of the QEP faculty prize drawing for Allied Health. Both were awarded $25 cash from the RCC Foundation in support of the QEP.

Jeanne HardeeJeanne Hardee photo

Jeanne is an instructor for the Medical Assisting program and teaches 11 different medical classes. She has been an instructor since 2004.

Jeanne incorporated the QEP into two classes, Medical Law and Ethics and Medical Terminology I, through writing assignments, visual presentations, digital presentations and oral presentations. She said her students have shown steady improvement in their writing and speaking because of the emphasis on these skills.

Jeanne explained why she thinks effective oral and written communication skills are important for a medical assistant to have.

“There is competition to get into the medical job market. Having good speaking and writing skills will put you far ahead of other candidates who are competing for the same job,” she said.

Robyn DavisRobyn Davis photo

Robyn is an instructor for the Dialysis Technology program at RichmondCC and has been an instructor for four years.

In order to incorporate the QEP into her program, Robyn has her students write a paper and/or prepare a project that is related to dialysis. This semester her students wrote a paper and did a presentation on how natural disasters affect dialysis patients.

How have her students responded?

“Of course they don’t like doing papers and presentations when it is first presented to them! But overall, I think the students have learned from the topics that they are given and find it really interesting once they get started,” she said.

Robyn said oral and written communication skills are important for making first good impressions.

“If you can speak clearly and correctly, look someone in the eyes while talking and be poised and confident, then you will usually make a good impression,” she said. “If you have never met someone and have to send a resume or an email, then that is how he or she will assess you and your skills. The ability to speak and write confidently and correctly is something that you will always have once you learn how, and it will have a positive impact on how others view you.”