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Graduate Teaches Accounting at Montgomery Community College

Jul 10

July 10, 2018 –Montgomery Community College accounting instructor Wendy Pope-Gossage started her pathway to becoming a teacher many years ago by completing the GED program at Richmond Community College.Wendy Pope stands at a white board in her classroom

“While I was in the GED program in 1980 at RichmondCC, a seed was planted. I was shown through the power of education that my family and I could have a better life,” Pope-Gossage said. “This made me want to continue my education and get a degree from Richmond Community College.”

Pope-Gossage earned her Associate in Accounting in 2002. While she was at RichmondCC, she was a student tutor helping others who were struggling in their classes. One of the students she tutored mentioned the idea to her that she would make a great teacher.
“So again, the seed was planted by one of those students I tutored while I was a student myself,” Pope-Gossage said. “Because of that seed, I have been an accounting instructor for 12 years.”

After graduating RichmondCC, Pope-Gossage continued her education at Gardner-Webb University, where she received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting.

“RichmondCC’s partnership with Gardner-Webb University helped make my transfer seamless,” she said. “What was even better was that Gardner-Webb held its classes on RichmondCC’s campus, and very little travel was required on my part.”

The Rockingham resident said that RichmondCC helped her build a better life and gave her a great educational foundation.

“I am so thankful for the instructors at RichmondCC. They had a helping hand in my success as a student and now as an accounting instructor,” said Pope-Gossage. “I would recommend RichmondCC because it has a great campus; there are many programs to choose from; and the College has many caring instructors and support staff who are there to guide you along the way through your educational journey,” she said.

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