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RichmondCC Designates Area of Campus for Wildlife Habitat

May 10

College Receives State and National Certification

May 10, 2018 – The North Carolina Wildlife Federation, along with the National Wildlife Federation, has officially certified a portion of Richmond Community College’s main campus in Hamlet as a wildlife habitat. College officials stand near the creek on the campus holding the Wildlife Habitat certificationRequirements for this certification are food, water and cover for wildlife and places for wildlife to raise their young.

RichmondCC biology instructor Stephen Beck took the initiative on securing this designation for the College and worked with the maintenance department to find the appropriate areas for habitat to thrive on campus.

“We hope that our wildlife habitat will inspire other landowners in the community to do likewise,” Beck said.

The wildlife habitat will be located in back of the College’s main campus in Hamlet, surrounded by the Mary Ellen Kindley Fitness Trail and northward toward the lake. On the edge of the wildlife habitat overlooking the Forte Building, there will be a garden of plants that will attract and feed butterflies and desirable birds.

According to Beck, these are the plans for the wildlife habitat:

  • Cultivate plants to attract butterflies and desirable bird species.
  • Make bird feeders, nesting boxes and bat houses.
  • Install motion-activated wildlife cameras.
  • Use it as an outdoor classroom for biology classes.
  • Invite local schools for field trips and coordinated lessons.
  • Place interpretive signs around the site edge for identifying trees, other plants, common birds and other wildlife.
  • Keep a running list of wildlife sightings.

“I’ve challenged our employees to take action when they see something that the College could be doing better, so I applaud Stephen for taking the initiative to secure this certification for the College and for developing ways it can serve our students and the community,” said Dr. Dale McInnis, president of Richmond Community College.