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RCC Providing Customized Training For Sealed Air

Oct 28

Richmond Community College has signed an agreement with Sealed Air of Rockingham to provide a customized training program for the company’s employees.

Sealed Air Partnership with RCC

Developed by RCC’s Director of Customized Training Lee Eller, the program offers instruction in safety, as well as management and supervision. It is in response to a recent upgrade at Sealed Air’s Rockingham plant, which included the enhancement of equipment to allow for more flexibility in production scheduling.  

“Having this opportunity to provide our employees with continued learning is only going to make our company more competitive in the market place,” said Sealed Air Plant Manager Michael Hardy. “As with most companies, our employees are our most valuable assets. And the more we can keep them educated and involved in the business, the better.”

The cost of the program is around $20,000, and will be funded by the North Carolina Community College System, which has money budgeted for customized training for business and industry.

“We’re delighted to be able to provide Sealed Air with this training,” said RCC President Dr. Dale McInnis. “I believe the most important role of the college system is educating the community’s workforce, and it’s something we take very seriously at RCC.”

Within the past year, Richmond Community College has provided more than $125,000 of state-funded customized industrial training to 1,236 employees working for 13 companies in Richmond and Scotland County.

About Sealed Air

Sealed Air is a company with expertise in food science and microbiology that creates solutions to protect and enhance the food and beverage supply chain. Its products ensure food and beverages are processed, sold and prepared in a safe and efficient environment, extend product shelf life and reduce waste, and provide value added convenience benefits.