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High School Completion Campaign Kicks Off Oct. 22

Oct 15

Finish for Your Future logo with race flags and shieldOct. 15, 2019 – Richmond Community College will be launching a three-year campaign to reach the 20 percent of the population in Richmond and Scotland County over the age of 25 who do not have a high school education. This high school completion campaign called “Finish for Your Future” will kick off at 10 a.m. Oct. 22 at the Cole Auditorium.

The campaign has been created to increase the high school completion rate in the College's service area over the next three years. Improving the high school completion rate will have a major impact on the community by both increasing economic development through 21st century workplace training and improving the well-being of the community. Current research suggests that 65 percent of jobs in 2020 will require an education and training beyond a high school completion. Studies also show that the fastest growing occupations require education beyond high school. The average high school graduate makes $10,000 more per year than a non-high school graduate. That can result in an increase in lifetime earnings of nearly half a million dollars.

The Finish for Your Future campaign is designed to encourage non-high school completers to enter an adult education program and continue on into a college program. Financial literacy, workforce training and micro-credentials will be embedded into the programs so people gain the skills and credentials to become well-qualified employees for local employers. The campaign will also highlight the variety of transfer and career opportunities for students working toward their high school completion so they can begin exploring potential careers and focus on gaining the skills and credentials for those specific careers. Career clusters that contain similar occupations will be offered based on the students’ interest and future goals.

Scholarship opportunities will be also be available to help offset the cost of completing a college certificate, diploma or degree.

Representatives from both Richmond and Scotland County have volunteered to lead efforts to support the campaign and raise awareness in their respective communities. Joyce McDow will be serving as Scotland County campaign representative, and Brian Baucom will be serving as the campaign representative for Richmond County. These representatives, in partnership with Richmond Community College, will be promoting the campaign in civic clubs, board meetings and public forums.

For more information on the Finish for Your Future campaign, contact John Kester, Dean of Adult Education & Immured Programs, at (910) 410-1778 or