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Student Advisors

Richmond Community College is dedicated to ensuring that we provide students with all the necessary resources to meet their academic goals. Our faculty and staff are passionate about seeing students succeed in their education and career, and we do our best to steer them in the right direction with successful academic advising practices.

The advising process only works when both parties involved are engaged and contributing. With this in mind, we ask that students:

  • Actively participate in the advising relationship.
  • Respond to advisor outreach and be upfront about perceived obstacles to your success.
  • Proactively research and plan ways to reach your academic goals, and be open to sharing those goals with your advisors.
  • Be open to discussing how to research answers to your questions with advisors to learn ways to find information on your own.

Make sure you’re familiar with your specific program or course schedule and what classes you’ll need to graduate before meeting with your advisor.

Commonly Asked Questions About Advising at RichmondCC

Who Is My Richmond Community College Advisor?

Your academic advisor’s name and contact information is listed on your acceptance letter.

I No Longer Have My Acceptance Letter, How Do I Contact My Advisor?

Students can find their advisor’s contact information in Self-Service.

  1. Go to "Student Planning."
  2. Click on "Plan and Schedule."
  3. Click on "Advising."
  4. Your advisor's name will appear, and you can send him or her a message.

How Do I Make An Appointment To Be Advised?

Contact your advisor via email or phone. RichmondCC Directory

What Should I Do If My Advisor and I have Different Schedules and Cannot Meet?

To address the issue of the scheduling conflicts we have created The Advising Hub. All academic advisors will donate one hour a week to The Hub. This way if a student's assigned academic advisor is busy, an advisor will still be available to assist. To make an appointment to be advised through The Hub, students must be logged into their Office 365 account.

How Are Advisors Assigned to Students?

Once a student is admitted to Richmond Community College, an advisor is assigned according to course requirements. All students placed in developmental courses are assigned advisors in the Student Services Department. Once students have completed all developmental course requirements, an advisor from the student’s academic program will then be assigned to him/her. Students who are not required to take any developmental courses will be assigned to an advisor in their corresponding academic program.

What Do I Do If I Can’t Meet With My Advisor on Campus?

RichmondCC understands that all students will not be able to physically come to campus and meet with their advisor and allows for students to be advised via email.

Does RichmondCC Have Summer Advising?

During the fall and spring semesters, all advisors are on campus and will be available to assist you with your academic program planning. If you need to meet with an advisor during the summer semester, contact your program department chair listed below. If you are currently enrolled in developmental courses, contact Student Services at (910) 410-1730.