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Online Executive Management Program for Law Enforcement: Level Two

Online Executive Management Program for Law Enforcement: Level Two

The level two online management program is a unique experience. Law enforcement leaders must be versed and trained to deal with specific law enforcement administrative areas. Generally, patrol officers are promoted to these positions and may be overwhelmed by the new responsibilities. The online format allows law enforcement officers to receive the training while not having to miss significant days away from their current job. This method of instruction also allows for access to the courses at the officer’s convenience.

Course Topics Include:

  • Discipline & Internal Investigations
  • Legal Issues
  • Community Relations
  • Dealing with Problem Employees
  • Performance Evaluations


The curriculum for the Executive Management Program: Level Two comprised of five classes. Each of the five classes is 50 hours in length and is offered online by Richmond Community College. There is no fee for N.C. sworn law enforcement officers. The officers can complete the entire program in 2019-2020 and will receive a certificate from the college. The certificate will signify a dedicated officer and should be viewed as a noteworthy accomplishment. After completing all five courses, the student will receive a certificate of 250 hours, equivalent to 12.5 commissioned approved points.

For more information, or to sign up contact:

Holly Collins
Director of Program Development & HRD
phone: (910) 410-1704
Office Location: Lee Room 44

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