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Industrial Systems Technology (Certificate) (C50240)

Effective 2022 Fall:

This program is in Teach-Out Status. No new students will be enrolled. Current students must complete the program by 2024 Spring. The Last semester these classes will be offered will be 2024 Spring.

Industrial Systems Technology Semester Schedule

First Year - Fall Semester

BPR 111 Print Reading Credits: 2
ELC 112 DC/AC Electricity Credits: 5
MEC 111 Machine Processes I Credits: 3
WLD 112 Basic Welding Processes Credits: 2
    Credits: 7-9

First Year - Spring Semester

HYD 110 Hydraulics/Pneumatics I Credits: 3
ISC 112 Industrial Safety Credits: 2
MNT 110 Introduction to Maintenance Procedures Credits: 2
    Credits: 7