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YOU should work at RichmondCC!

Improve your skills and fast forward your career by working at Richmond Community College. We offer a variety of jobs that allow you to utilize your talents, acquire skills that will improve your future and enhance your effectiveness as a team player.

Working at RichmondCC

RichmondCC offers exciting, challenging and rewarding jobs to those who seek opportunities to grow and succeed.

Advantages of Student Employment

On-campus jobs offer flexibility and helpful resources to accommodate student needs. Working at RichmondCC also provides students with a school friendly work-life balance, access to a variety of cultural events and helps lower student loan costs.

Jobs to Fit Your Schedule

Besides the regular 8 to 5, Monday through Friday work week, RichmondCC offers many employment opportunities in the evenings and various times of the day and week. Our goal is to provide opportunities that fit your schedule, enabling you to have a rewarding work experience while going to school.

Get Experience

Students who work on campus have a variety of opportunities to help prepare for professional work after graduation. Jobs at Richmond Community College are a learning experience for students. Professional skills gained in part-time work contribute to future career success.