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Electric Lineman - Advanced Training

Class Dates: Jan. 13-16 | Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. | Cost: $125

Location: Lineman Yard, Hamlet Campus, Richmond Community College

This four-day advanced class for linemen with at least two years experience in the field will provide skills and knowledge for career advancement. Participants who complete the class will have a better understanding of in-demand skills for the ever-changing utility industry.

Lineman in bucket working on electric power lines

Course Topics

  • How to stake sheets and the importance of proper units being applied
  • Liability of altering staking sheets
  • Basic operations of regulators and by-passing procedures
  • Switching procedures, breakers and capacitors
  • Banking three-phase transformers 120/240/208, 277/480
  • WYE and DELTA connections
  • How to trouble shoot three-phase bank for faulty transformer
  • Fundamentals of a sag and tension chart
  • Substation switch gear and how it works
  • Rigging for various job task, poles, transformers, switchgear, and basic wire pulling
  • How to properly maintain company owned equipment and the appearance of equipment
  • How to conduct a pre-job safety meeting
  • Setting poles in line hot, single-phase and three-phase installations
  • Proper cover up for energized work

To Sign Up

Alicia Butler
(910) 410-1706

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