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Developmental Studies

Students scoring below the official cutoff scores on the Placement Test will be assigned to the appropriate developmental course(s). These courses are designed to provide the student with the reading, writing, mathematics, and keyboarding skills needed to enter a one or two-year program.

Because most curriculum courses have developmental prerequisites, the following restrictions apply:

  1. Students will not be allowed to register for those curriculum courses until the prerequisite courses have been completed.
  2. Students required to take RED 070 and RED 080 should postpone taking any curriculum courses until they progress to RED 090.
  3. Students required to take more than one developmental course should limit their enrollment in curriculum courses to those requiring the least reading, writing and computational competencies.
  4. Students taking RED 070 may take ENG 080 at the same time, but students placed in RED 070 may not take ENG 090 without permission of the Lead Instructor for Reading or the Department Chair of English and Reading.

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