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Plumbing for Homeowners

This course will provide an introduction to plumbing practices. Students will learn identification and use of the tools of the trade. Upon successful completion, students will be able to utilize basic skills needed to identify a plumbing problem and identify a solution. Students will demonstrate safety practices and identify the components and functions of a water distribution system.


  • Overview of fixtures and faucets
  • Working with different pipe types (plastic, steel, copper, and cast iron)
  • Identification and application of drain/waste/vent fittings
  • Isometric drawings

Class Dates


Course Fees

Cost: $180 plus required text

Scholarship Funds Available! The Second Chance Scholarship will help offset the cost of the course. Ask about the scholarship when you sign up for the class.

Guaranteed Interviews!

If you are look to start a career as a plumber, Pride Plumbing will offer interviews to anyone who successfully completes the class.




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