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Nonprofit Manager (CIP 52.0206)

Please Note:  Course change effective Fall 2017-2018. Please see your advisor if working off of an older catalog.

Program Description:

The Nonprofit Leadership and Management curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for a leadership or management role in the nonprofit sector.

Course work includes an overview of nonprofit organizations (NPO), philanthropy, legal and ethical concerns, funding issues, and strategic planning. Additional coursework introduces grant writing, international non-governmental organizations (NGO), public relations and sustainable communities.

Graduates should qualify for positions at various levels of leadership and management in the non-profit sector.

Course Information:

Course Requirements 2017-2018

Program Completion Guide 2017-2018


Course Requirements 2016-2017

Program Completion Guide 2016-2017

Devon Hall
Dean of Applied Sciences & Engineering
Dean of Applied Sciences & Engineering

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